​​Service Description:

This involves issuing the investor a license valid for 5 years, on a renewable basis, allowing him/her to operate, i.e. operate a sports center for men or women. 


• The investor long in, or registers for a new account. 

• The investor fills the required forms and submits the request. 

• The GSA receives the request and – following several stages – obtains approval, so that the investor may log in and alter their request and re-submit it. 

• In the case of initial approval, the request will be forwarded to the investor so that he/she may submit the necessary documentation for signing. 

• After final authentication, the request will be forwarded to the investor along with data to sign it in to the “Shomoos” electronic security system, along with attaching proof of payment (if payment is needed). 

• After approving the request and ensuring the fees have been paid, the new license is issued and may be printed directly from the electronic portal.​