• The Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee was formed in Riyadh in 1964 and gained the approbation of the International Olympic Committee in 1965 after that the Saudi Arabian Federations for Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Bicycles joined their related international federations. It is a higher sports authority having an independent legal personality and which is always supported and helped by the government to achieve its goals. It is the one and only authority that represents the Kingdom in all the Olympic activities in addition to the international, continental, Arabic and regional activities in collaboration with the national sports federations

  • The Saudi Pro League was formed in 2008 under the patronage of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. The league operates with full administrative and financial independence and it holds all the commercial rights of the league’s competitions with the category of Excellent.

  • The Saudi Arabian Football Federation was formed in 1956 and during the same year it was affiliated to FIFA and to the Asian Football Confederation and started the journey of organizing its local championships and participating in international championships in which it achieved a large number of accomplishments.

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