The Employees of the Ministry of Sports Return to Work Following Preventative and Safety Measures

Employee a of the Ministry of Sports have gone back to work this Sunday, the 31st of May 2020 in all ministry’s offices in the Kingdom. Following the decree to lift the novel COVID-19 quarantine partially in the cities of the Kingdom.

In the first day of the employees’ return, implementation of safety and preventative measures such as, checking the temperature of employees, social distancing in hallways, elevators and offices. In addition to social distancing in between worshipers in prayer rooms and limiting the number of attendance in meetings.
The Ministry has recently started a process of continuous disinfection of offices, meeting rooms, prayer rooms and bathrooms, alongside releasing detailed guidebooks for procedures and safety measures to a gradual and safe return to work amidst the pandemic. Those guidebooks were sent to employees in order to ensure their safety.

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