Leaders Development Institute

​​​​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia owns a unique human capital of which the majority is represented by our youth generation and this fact lead the consecutive governments of the Kingdom to adopt the concept of sustainable human development, to give it a high strategic importance, to devote for it a large number of plans and studies and to search for the appropriate solutions and methods for the best application of it. 

Since the establishment of the General Sport authority it was concerned in the leaders’ development program and in the training of sports and youth manpower. And it also adopted the idea of establishing the leaders’ development institute which was formed according to the royal decree number 5/27931 on 13/11/1976. Afterwards, the royal approval number 5/B/916 was issued on 01/10/1986 for including the members states of Gulf Cooperation Council in the beneficiaries of the institute’s services.

This marked the commencement of the institute's transitional stage before the issuance of the resolution ​187 by the Higher Committee of Administrative Reform number on the first of March 1989 for approbating the institute in the Organizational Chart of the General Sport authority as an administrative unit related to the Authority’s president and the inclusion of this resolution in the Royal decree number 174 issued on 26 August 1989.

This institute is the only specialized institute approbated by the government in the field of youth and sports training and it has historical relations with high training expertize from different academic backgrounds. The institute provides around 100 training courses and it has a large experience in this field of work in addition to having a large infrastructure of dorms, sports facilities and classes. 

Institute Strategy

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