​​Service Description:

This procedure aims at obtaining approval for altering a facility’s location or the activities listed in the original license for the sports center/arena (addition, omission), as it is unnecessary to obtain and issue an entirely new license if the additions are only sub-activities.


• The investor long in, or registers for a new account. 

• The investor fills the required forms and submits the request. 

• The GSA receives the request and – following several stages – obtains approval, so that the investor may log in and alter their request and re-submit it. 

• In the case of initial approval, the request will be forwarded to the investor so that he/she may submit the necessary documentation for signing. 

• After final authentication, the request will be forwarded to the investor to attach proof of payment (if payment is needed). 

• After approving the request and ensuring the fees have been paid, the new license is issued and may be printed directly from the electronic portal.​