His Royal Highness honors the Karate Champions

 His Royal Highness the President of the General Sports Authority and President of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee Abdullah Bin Musaed Bin Abdul Aziz honored on Thursday the Saudi Karate champions who won a number of bronze, silver and gold medals in the Karate World Championship held in Japan, Turkey, Slovenia and Sharm El Sheikh.

His Royal Highness received in his office in Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Olympic Complex, the President of the Saudi Arabian Karate Federation Ibrahim Al Kannas, members of the Federation’s board and the players who made all these achievements with the attendance of the Representative of the Authority’s President for Sports Affairs Abdullatif Al Huraish and the Executive Manager of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee Hossam Al Kurshi. His Royal Highness praised the achievements made for this sport on the international level and revealed that the huge development of the players’ performance is an incentive for achieving better results. He also praised the efforts made by the Federation’s board and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee in this field and considered the keenness of the General Sports Authority and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee on developing all kinds of sports a strategic goal which our nation is seeking to achieve. 

His Royal Highness said: “I affirm that we are concerned in competitive sports through the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee in addition to our concern in community sports which we consider as the most important project and concern of the General Sports Authority”.

He added: “Karate is one of the sports which we will rely on in the future as we have a large number of distinguished players who will surely reveal a great image of the Kingdom in international events and who have a huge ability for making the biggest achievements especially since Karate is now listed in the Olympic games and looking forward for making achievements in this sport, in other individual sports and in combat sports is a big challenge for us”.

He also pointed out at the going coordination for discharging players of their works and studies and affirmed that this process will be executed with a high pickiness in a way that achieves the desired goal and not solely for the discharging itself or for using it in an inappropriate way.
He also revealed that there is tendency for the individual sports distinction centers in a number of Saudi regions which will comprise the best trainers, nutritionists and therapists in order to provide the best level of healthcare. 
His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Bin Musaed also added that the Authority is discussing the idea of establishing a company that will be responsible for all the facilities in order to provide a better administration and to decrease its maintenance fees and increase its revenues in order to achieve the highest degree of utilization.

Regarding the Saudi National Team and the fact that it came first in its group, His Royal Highness said: “we are highly concerned in the national team and on this special occasion I thank the board of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation for their cooperation in all matters related to the team concerning the facilitations provided to the team by the General Sports Authority. We are all proud of the results in addition to the players’ performance and their spirit and we still have a long road since until now we only earned 10 points out of 4 games and important games and waiting for us in the next period.

And regarding the presence of a number of players with him in the team’s game His Royal Highness said: “Mohamed Nour is one of the greatest players in the history of the Saudi football who served his nation’s national team and his club. Omar Al Souma is also a great player and we are all proud of his ethics and his performance, he represents the Muslim youth with his performance and his ethics and that’s why I invited them to attend the game of the Saudi team against the Emirati National Team”.
His Royal Highness also praised the efforts of the Emirati team and wished him and the Saudi Team the best of luck in being qualified to the World Cup that will be held in Russia in 2018.
And finally when answering a question about the date of the Saudi sports documentation team conference he said: “the results will be announced soon and I am confident towards the performance level and the documentation will include all sports and games and is not limited to football only.

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