The final recommendations of the working team of Saudi stadiums environment improvement

 With the attendance of His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Bin Musaed Bin Abdulaziz, the President of the General Sport Authority, a press conference was held at the Olympic Complex for announcing the final recommendations of the working team of Saudi stadiums environment improvement which presented a number of procedures that will be executed in the coming period.
The press conference was initiated by a visual presentation made by the President of the team Feras Al Turki in which he revealed the goals, work procedures and final recommendations of the team.

Afterwards, His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah addressed a speech in which he thanked the working team for their efforts and recommendations and pointed out the Stadiums Management Committee has been assigned to implement those recommendations and apply them. 

His Royal Highness also added that he is sure that the stadiums’ environment will witness a remarkable development in the coming period and pointed out that the Authority’s officials and all those who are responsible for organizing and managing the Saudi competitions have set a priority to provide all the required services to the audience. 

When asked about the latest news of Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Stadium he answered: “in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, the expenses of the project have been prepared and raised to the higher authorities and we are waiting for their recommendations regarding this matter”.

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