Awareness Campaign of Sport Clubs Trademarks Protection has been launched

 The Ministry of Commerce and Investment will launch tomorrow its awareness campaign for shops and markets to protect the trademarks of sports clubs registered at the ministry in accordance with the Trademarks System and the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and as a part of the protection of intellectual property and the partnership announced last week after a series of meetings and workshops held between officials of the two parties.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the campaign which will include field trips to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and which aims at protecting one of the most important assets of the clubs. The two parties launched a media campaign for the audience’s awareness entitled #your-club-comes-first with a large cooperation from the side of clubs who will find themselves for the first time able to protect their trademarks and logos. 

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment revealed that it will not relent in applying the sanctions towards who stores, distributes or sells copy-original products of the clubs’ trademarks and called upon all shops to not acquire or sell any copy original products in order to avoid these sanctions.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and the Global Authority of Sports had adopted a joint action plan aiming at protecting the logos and trademarks of the Saudi clubs and preserving their rights in accordance with the Trademarks System as a part of the support given to these clubs due to the importance of trademarks as an essential source of income and in order to protect them against out of order practices. 

The two parties concluded all the preparations of this campaign and of the ministry’s inspection tour that will be made by the Ministry’s field inspection teams in all the Kingdom’s areas starting from tomorrow 08/08/2016 in order to prevent the acquisition, display or selling of all copy-original products.

During the last period, the Ministry and the Authority held a number of meetings and workshops that aimed at discussing the methods of protecting the trademarks of the Saudi clubs with the participation of specialists from the Global Authority of Sports and the Saudi Pro League in addition to representatives of the Saudi clubs and with the close follow-up and concern of His Royal Highness the President of the Authority and His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Investment. 

Participants had a number of recommendations such as encouraging the clubs for placing their trademarks on all the products and services related to their activities and they discussed placing temporary points of sale next to the stadiums during the games and preventing peddlers from selling all products under the coordination with the concerned parties.

They also called upon clubs to provide their sportswear and products with the best quality and prices in order to attract consumers to buy them. On the other hand, the clubs’ presidents expressed their support towards the efforts of the Authority and the Ministry in the inspection and awareness campaigns they are launching.

Finally, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and the General Sport Authority revealed that they will continue devoting all their efforts to protect the trademarks of all Saudi clubs and to penalize transgressors in partnership with the related parties.

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