The Ministry of Sport announces the Return to the Stadiums Protocol and clarifies the categories allowed to attend

 In addition with the decree issued on the 29th of March 2021 regarding allowing only the vaccinated crowds to attend with 40% of the stadiums’ capacity as of the 17th of May of 2021. This order comes based on the approval from the concerned authorities to follow up with the novel coronavirus developments.

The Ministry of Sport announced the Protocol necessary for the entrance to sport facilities and stadiums. The protocol allows three categories to attend in accordance with what the Official app “Tawakalna” as it follows

1- Vaccinated, those who got 2 doses of the vaccine

2- One-dose Vaccinated, those who got only one dose of the vaccine

3- Vaccinated-Recovered, those who got the virus and recovered from it, on the condition that 6 months have passed since their contagion.

Teens between the ages of 7 and 18 are allowed to enter, on the condition that they show the status of not exposed or no record of infection in “Tawakalna” application

The Ministry and the Clubs have taken all precautions to implement the protocol in order to preserve the health of safety of everyone.

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