the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium hosted the Greatest Royal Rumble

 Jeddah witnessed the evening of events and competitions of WWE at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium "Jawhara", amid a large crowd attended to fill the stadium exceeded 45 thousand spectators, where the Chairman of the General Sports Authority Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Sheikh,  crowned Stroman "in the Cup and Belt Kingdom Championship"  of the greatest Royal Rumble, "after entering the competition with 50 stars worldwide.

HE Mr. Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a speech at the opening of the Grand Sports event, expressing his delight at the establishment of a world event of this magnitude, pointing to Saudi Arabia's ability to organize the world's largest sporting events. He added : today we accomplisheda new and unique success thanks to Allaha,with the hosting of many famous events this month, that gained the interest of many Saudis.today continued the successes by organizing the WWE compotetions in the kingdom exclusively, this. Happened because of the continuous support of the leadership  His Excellency announced the organizing  of another event for the WWE competition in Riyadh next November; to activate this agreement. "

In this international carnival participated  a big number of world-class wrestlers in the world of wrestling, who are very popular in the world, and the WWE started with a number of individual and marital qualifiers, where the famous wrestlers Tribal  H against the famous wrestler "John Cena" In the match where the last won in Cedric Alexander was awarded the Cruzeirotweight title by beating Calisto, and in the title of "Rao" for the Tag teams, Wacken (Matt Hardy and Barry White) beat the team Which is made up of Shimos and Cesaro.

also the United States wrestler "Jeff Hardy", won the title of United state after  his victory over the duo, Gander Mahal and his companion Sunil Singh. In the competition for the title of "Smack Down Tuck Team", the title of the Blodgon Brothers on the team of the Ossouz, and in the runners of the title of the Intercontinental, Seth Rowlins retained the title after winning the four competition on the " The mese, Samoa Jo and Fin Balur.

In the WWE title challenge, Jay Styles defeated the wrestler Shinski Nakamura with an undefeated outer brace. In the famous "in the coffin competition”world-famous wrestler undertaker  beat Ruseff, In the ninth competition of the day on the title of Universal, wrestler "Brooke Lesnar" victory over the wrestler "Roman Rains."

The UEFA Team Was Successful In Winning The Championship Thanks To The Goal Scored By The Portuguese Star Cristiano Ronaldo In The 61St Minute, With A Large Crowd Of Over 62,235 Fans Witnessing The Goal.