David Coulthard is a champion of the Champions Race Cup

 HRH Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al-Abdullah, vice-chairman of the General sports Authority, the vice-chairman of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, crowned David Coulthard as the champion of the Championships on Saturday at the King Fahad International Stadium in Riyadh. At the presence of HRH the prince khalid bin sultan AlAbdAlla Alfaisal President of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (ROC), President of ROC President of champions Race Mr. Frederick Johnson, the Scottish David Coulthard won the final race while Norway's Peter Salberg finished second, Former Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya has finished the qualifying round.
The world championships took place on Friday at the Nations Cup, with Germany's Rene Rast and Tiemo Brenhardt crowned with the Golden Cup and first place after winning the final against the Latin American team, composed of Brazilian Helio Castro Neves, and Juan Pablo Montoya, who won the second place in the competition. Twenty-four competitors took part in the race, representing 11 teams. They also included Saudi Arabia's Yazid Al-Rajhi and Ahmed Bin Khnein, who reached the semi-final, " before kicked out by the "German team", also participated In the race, the Mexican team consists of Guillermo Rojas and Calderon, the American team consisting of Ryan Hinterry and Joseph Newgarden, the Scandinavian team of Danish Tom Krstensen and Norway Peter Salberg, the British team of Lando Norris and the Scottish David Coulthard, as well as the European team of Dutchman Rudy Van Borin and Swede Johan Kristofferson, and a Lebanese team consisting of contestants Karl Massad and Mansour Shibli, and a team from the UAE led by Khalid Al Qasimi and Khalid Al Qubaisi.
The two-day event witnessed events in and out of the stadium. The 23-year-old driver, Terry Grant, took part in the show with an impressive display of his car, a great audience, a motorcycle show, the community sports Federation was used to provide many activities at the entrances to the stadium, which targeted adults and young families, and won the admiration of the audience.
This championships is as a result of a joint cooperation agreement signed by the Chairman of the General sports Authority, Mr. Turki bin Abdul Mohsin Al-Sheikh in London, with Mr. Frederick Johnson, President of the rights-based company.this racecrepresnts an important unique step which l the General sports Authority puts as one of its priorities . Inorder to enhance the Kingdom's pioneering role in hosting international championships.in various sports activities and games.

The UEFA Team Was Successful In Winning The Championship Thanks To The Goal Scored By The Portuguese Star Cristiano Ronaldo In The 61St Minute, With A Large Crowd Of Over 62,235 Fans Witnessing The Goal.