Sport City

King Abdul Aziz Sports City

 King Abdul Aziz sports city is located in Al Shara’e, east of Mekkah Al Mukarramah on the highway linking Mekkah Al Murammah with Al Taef on Al Sael Road in a total area on 896.027 square meters


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Available Facilities :

The City Is Considered As An Integrated Complex For All Sports Activities And It Includes The Following Facilities:

Available Facilities

Sports stadium composed of 3 levels that include a field made of natural grass and a running field made in accordance with international standards in an area that can contain up to 33236 seated spectators.

Indoor area for swimming and water games made of 4 levels in an area that can contain up to 1484 seated spectators.

International indoor games area made of three levels and in an area that can contain up to 4726 persons.

Social center (youth dorms made of 2 floors) and apartments for students and athletes made of 4 floors in an area that can contain up to 192 persons.

Villas for visitors (VIPs) made of 10 fully-equipped villas.

A mosque that can contain up to 400 persons.

Artificial alternative football field and two groups of outdoor fields for fitness and training.

External facilities such as gardens, roads, parking area, umbrellas.